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CrossFire Contralateral Hamstring Device

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CrossFire Contralateral Hamstring Device

  • eXF accommodates users from 5′ – 6’6″
  • eXF-PRO accommodates users from 5’6″ – 7′
  • Floating thigh restraint for hip mobility and activation of the hamstring from origin to insertion
  • Patent pending split stance design to lock the pelvis in place for deeper muscle activation and posture control
  • Concentric and Eccentric training emphasis
  • Instant graphical feedback
  • Visual exercising targets
  • Safe range of motion control
  • Strength testing & reporting
  • Databased exercise and testing history
  • Standard powder coated Stardust Silver frame
  • 15″ touch screen monitor
  • Integrated 2,000 lb strain gauge load cell
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA


The Exerbotics CrossFire (eXF) is the first single leg training device to join functional biomechanics and adaptive resistance through state of the art software.  By mimicking the posture of walking or running through contralateral muscle recruitment, the CrossFire creates radical changes in lower body strength and range of motion.

The patent pending split stance design of the CrossFire locks the pelvis in place for complete psoas and hamstring isolation.  The floating thigh restraint provides complete hamstring activation from origin to insertion for maximum effectiveness in lengthening and strengthening.

The CrossFire programs emphasize eccentric loading to remove scar tissue and adhesions while promoting muscle development through concentric and eccentric contractions.

What We Like About the CrossFire: 


  • Simultaneous active lengthening of the hip flexor and hamstring leads to immediate tension release, joint freedom, and a sense of wellness.
  • Eccentric strengthening of the whole length of the hamstring is an injury prevention breakthrough.
  • Adaptive stretching allows a broad spectrum of people to ease into the stretch they need for the flexibility they want.

Muscles Worked


Additional information

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 46 × 69.75 in


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