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Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl

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Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl

  • Dual exercise machine to minimize floor space
  • Tibia pad rotates to the top and bottom of the workarm to maximize range of motion for both exercieses
  • EZ glide back pad adjustment can be positioned from the seat
  • Reinforced workarm provides excellent training potential for the strongest users
  • Linear actuator with roller screw technology and an integral brushless servo motor producting up to 594 lbs. (270 kg) of force or handle speeds up to 13.8 in/second (35.1cm/second)
  • Exerbotics 2.0 Administration Software
  • Personal strength curve blueprint
  • Concetric and Eccentric training emphasis
  • Instant graphical feedback
  • Visual exercising targets
  • Safe range of motion control
  • Strength testing & reporting
  • Databased exercise and testing history
  • Standard powder coated Stardust Silver frame
  • 15″ touch screen monitor
  • Integrated 2,000 lb strain gauge load cell
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

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The Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl (eLEC) is historically considered the cornerstone of leg strength evaluation equipment.  The Exerbotics eLEC easily adjusts to fit nearly any user and measures force output concentrically and eccentrically throughout the entire range of motion generating a unique strength curve for every individual.

The tibia pad rotates 180 degrees to increase comfort and emphasize full contraction or full extension.  The touch screen monitor gives the user instant visual feedback on performance and complete control over start and stop of the exercise for added safety.

Commercial strength equipment historically has difficulty combining space efficiency with good biomechanics.  This dual movement machine provides an avenue to test and train single leg strength or both legs in opposing movements providing critical data in a space and time efficient manor.

What We Like About the Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl

At the heart of risk vs. reward in strength training is the Leg Extension. Some swear by it’s importance while others swear by it’s ability to ruin your knees through sheer force on the joint. We aren’t hear to solve this debate and we believe this machine has it’s place.

Using the Exerbotics Leg Extension limits the user’s full range of motion protecting the knee from sheering force. It is an exceptional testing and evaluation tool. My favorite aspect is the ability to measure single leg, both leg and antagonistic movements with the Seated Leg Curl. Evaluating these reports gives a clear statement of balance and deficiencies in each direction.

On to more debates. Some say that “sitting on the muscle you are exercising”, as is the case with the Seated Leg Curl, is counter productive and does not allow for full muscle activation. You will have a new appreciation for hamstring activity after using this machine. Arguably, there may be better ways to train hamstrings however we find that it is important to maximize functionality in every unit to increase ROI and minimize floorspace. The compromise is less than noticeable for 99.9% of the population. In general, hamstrings are under-trained and weak but critically important in life and sport. I love effective exercise on the posterior chain!

Muscles Worked

Leg Extension & Seated Leg Curl

Leg Extension & Seated Leg Curl

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 42 × 60 in


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