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Exerbotics is the first to bring you Iso-Velocity Technology
for the most efficient, and most effective training experience.

Technology Based, Computer Driven – Experience the Exerbotics Difference.

Exerbotics is the first to bring you Iso-Velocity Technology for the most efficient, most effective training experience. proprietary equipment that measures and records force output in a safe, controlled environment, while collecting accurate and consistent data. Skeptics become believers with Exerbotics and you can deliver the gateway to a lifestyle of change.


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By utilizing Iso-Velocity Technology, testing, exercise and rehabilitation are administered and recorded in a computer controlled environment, eliminating external elements such as technique, inertia, speed and range of motion; all of which can skew results.

Capability based exercise is the single most effective way to elicit a positive response from muscle, tendon, bone and the central nervous system.  Include eccentric training and the user’s response is off the charts!


The Exerbotics Difference

For centuries, people have set out to master the human body to optimize performance, reverse the aging process and improve appearance.  The past 30 years have seen new industries born through the inventions of new techniques, training philosophies, exercise equipment and, in many cases, false hopes and gimmicks. Exerbotics was invented to scientifically assess and train the human body.

No one who has ever experienced Exerbotics will say anything other than “this is the real deal!”  From novice users to PhD’s, it is widely acknowledged that what they have experienced is unlike anything they have tried before

…and it is great.

Higher Client Retention

Exerbotics proprietary technology gives your staff the information and confidence to implement a safe and effective program!

Proprietary Technology

Our technology allows our Exerbotics machines to provide the optimal experience for your clients.

Results Driven

Technology has taken us to an age where statistical outputs are not just a nice feature, they are EXPECTED and REQUIRED by the client. This is not about knowing “how much you bench”. This is about understanding your key biometric indicators and how your body is aging.

Unrivaled Assessment Tool

Exerbotics allows for evaluation, constant assessment and goal tracking.


pounds of available force


measurements per repetition


exercise variations in 7 machines


years of research and development behind Exerbotics


Our Products


Targeted Machines for Targeted Results.

CrossFire Contralateral Hamstring (eXF)

eXF Exerbotics Small

Nucleus Back (eAB)

I2185 eAB 02 Excerbotics SMALL

Chest Press / Row (eCR)


Shoulder Press / Pulldown (eSP)


Leg Press (eLP)


Squat (eSQ)


Leg Ext/Curl (eLEC)


eIP Icon

Intelligence Platform(eIP)