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The ultimate strength training exercise has just been re-invented.  The Exerbotics Squat (eSQ) has all the advantages of a free weight squat plus a whole lot more. Commercial strength equipment must incorporate safety.  Testing the squat is critical and can also be very dangerous when high loads are required.  By utilizing Exerbotics Iso-Velocity Technology, the eSQ is arguably the most complete and effective lower body training machine every built. With true concentric and eccentric measurement, real time feedback, computer controlled range of motion and over 1,394 lbs of available force, the Exerbotics eSQ delivers a natural squat without the fear of heavy loads, height adjustments or squat depth interpretations.


What We Love About the Squat


When you ask me what I love about this machine, I have to think, do I love this machine? From a user perspective it can be the absolute most crushing experience. There is no other element of exercise that I have felt such a blast of all out pain and exhaustion as fast as this machine. So, this is a Love / Hate relationship.

The Squat is the ultimate movement in balance, mechanics and activation of critical muscle groups. The eccentric component of this machine is what I believe creates the unrivaled advantage. I have never been a great squatter, especially at the bottom of the lift. There is no cheating on this machine. You are going to go all the way to down (to your prescribed depth) and you are going to have force targets to hit both directions. 5 repetitions will create a different level of fatigue than all day in a free weight rack if you want it to.

Outside of the high performance realm, this is a wonderful machine to begin teaching functional movement starting with short range of motion and slowly expanding it as a user gets stronger and more stable. This is critical in all types of rehab scenarios. When we designed the squat, we knew it could be a monster but we may have underestimated the importance it has in many applications.


Muscles It Works


Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteal Group

Key Machine Features

  • 61.1″ top range, 35.5″ bottom range for users of all heights
  • 3″ assembly adjustment to lower range of motion for shorter users
  • Swiveling monitor for easy trainer access
  • Vertical Handles for grip variety
  • Linear actuator with roller screw technology and an integral brushless servo motor producting up to 1,394 lbs. (634 kg) of force or foot speeds up to 13.5 in/second (34.1cm/second)
  • Dimensions: 63″L x 39 1/2″W x 77″H (160cm x 100cm x 196cm)

All Exerbotics Machines Feature

Exerbotics 2.0 Administration Software

Personal strength curve blueprint

Concetric and Eccentric training emphasis

Instant graphical feedback

Visual exercising targets

Safe range of motion control

Strength testing & reporting

Databased exercise and testing history

Standard powder coated Stardust Silver frame

15? touch screen monitor

Integrated 2,000 lb / 5,000 lb strain gauge load cell

Designed and manufactured in the USA