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Chest Press / Row Machine

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The Exerbotics Chest Press / Row (eCR)  is the benchmark for upperbody strength assessment and training.  With a single seat adjustment, set-up is easy and efficient.  Strength assessment for opposing movements allows trainers, coaches and clinicians to diagnose deficiencies in all aspects of pushing and pulling, making it the most versatile upper body strength testing and training machine available.

Our equipment emphasises boimechanics for a safe and comfortable experience for the user.  Multiple grip angles and computer controlled Range of Motion create a safe environment for any application.

The Iso-Velocity Technology embedded in all of our strength testing equipment revolutionizes documentation and evaluation of concentric and eccentric strength curves to administer training protocols.


What We Like About the Chest Press / Row


This machine mimics the most fundamental weight lifting movement, the bench press. I love that I can perform a neutral grip or wide grip exercise. Some users have had shoulder problems in the past so moving to a neutral grip means more muscle activation with less joint irritation. Limiting the range of motion or emphasizing eccentric resistance further increases the usefulness when working with joint injuries or limitations.

I believe in balance so being able to compare, apples to apples, force output for a pull vs. force output for a push gives me a great understanding of how balanced or imbalanced the client is. To go from a pushing exercise to a pulling exercise is just a push of a button. I don’t need to adjust anything or even stand up. The monitor placement gives me a clear target to shoot for and encourages me to stay in a biomechanically aligned position.


Muscles It Works


Pectoralis Major, Triceps, Rear Deltoids, Latissimus Dorsi

Key Machine Features

  • Dual exercise machine to minimize floor space
  • 1″ & 1 1/4″ diameter grip options for push / pull comfort
  • Easy glide vertical seat adjustment
  • Linear actuator with roller screw technology and an integral brushless servo motor producing up to 417 lbs. (189.7 kg) of force or handle speeds up to 15.9 in/second (40.4cm/second)
  • Dimensions: 73 1/2″L x 37″W x 79 1/2″H (186.7cm x 94cm x 202cm)

All Exerbotics Machines Feature

Exerbotics 2.0 Administration Software

Personal strength curve blueprint

Concetric and Eccentric training emphasis

Instant graphical feedback

Visual exercising targets

Safe range of motion control

Strength testing & reporting

Databased exercise and testing history

Standard powder coated Stardust Silver frame

15″ touch screen monitor

Integrated 2,000 lb / 5,000 lb strain gauge load cell

Designed and manufactured in the USA