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At Exerbotics, we build products that utilizing Iso-Velocity technology, improve rehabilitation, research, healthy living and quality of life.  Our products track capability, monitor activity and deliver a documented history of actual work versus prescribed work.

Our software and hardware deliver an unmatched experience that is both convenient and effective. Exerbotics is the first to bring you Iso-Velocity Technology for the most efficient, most effective assessment and training experience.  Exerbotics invented Iso-Velocity…and now, we have perfected it. By utilizing Iso-Velocity Technology, which can measure multi-joint / compound movements, testing and rehabilitation are administered and recorded in a computer controlled environment, eliminating external elements such as technique, inertia, speed and range of motion; all of which can skew results.

Product Development

Exerbotics believes in fast, efficient and cost effective product development.  Our goal is to deliver new products to our customers based on their wants and needs.  We have the expertise to create any critical strength movement.  When you purchase an Exerbotics machine, it will always get better as we continue to drive innovation in our technology, software and training applications.

All our products are manufactured in US.  This gives us the opportunity to introduce new products often, personally control our quality and manage our production schedule.

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Leadership Team


With over 150 years of combined fitness, wellness and computer science experience, our product development team at Exerbotics is unparalleled.  Our background has brought us from college athletics to coaching, training, health club management, equipment development and sales, while representing landmark brands including Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Nautilus, MedX, IBM and many others.


Brian Cygan


Brian is a veteran of fitness the fitness industry. His interest in the importance of movement started with a passion for athletics. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fitness Leadership and Kinesiology from Northern Illinois University.  His professional career took off while developing the 20 minute workout and launching The Exercise Coach.  Exerbotics offered him an opportunity to get off the beaten path and build a business leveraging truly disruptive technology – and he has never looked back.

As Founder and CEO of The Exercise Coach I am passionately dedicated to inspiring the unlikely exercisers of America.  I have created a totally unique, 21st century fitness franchise that is the perfect fit for people who are busy, sick of gyms, and just don’t like exercise. With Just Two, 20-Minute workouts per week our clients enjoy maximum results.  As an entrepreneur my foundational core values are leadership. relationship, and creativity..


Kurt Pinnow

Program Manager - Technology

Kurt’s background is diverse, but regardless of where his career has taken him, there has always been a single constant – the ability to solve tough problems by leveraging basic physics, mathematics, and computers in a unique way. He holds many patents and throughout his career he has always found myself at the center of solving problems. He has brought this skill set to Exerbotics, a company whose mission is bringing a new technology forward which involves solving problems. It is about developing unique solutions for these problems creatively through science, mathematics and computers.

A key characteristic of my personal habit is that I am willing to go where no one has gone before.   I also have a good understanding of applied physics, mathematics, basic engineering and computer science.  These  characteristics give me a unique ability to solve problems by applied basic science and engineering.  So far in my career, I have worked on optimization problems in manufacturing and shipping, design of computer systems, the design of telephone systems, the performance of computer systems, credit card systems, genetics, medical data base design, the building of an extremely large computer system for the department of defense, and classified missile defense systems


Clay Steffee

Mechanical Engineering & Product Development

Clay began his career in the exercise industry in 1980 working for Arthur Jones, the creator of Nautilus. Over the years, he’s worked with other industry professionals at MedX, Life Fitness, and Hammer Strength, helping him to contribute to making Exerbotics the “Pointy end of the Spear” in strength innovation.

I remember when I was much younger listening to older folks relating their experiences during their lives, and wondering what my tall tales would be when I became an older folk.  One day I woke up and realized I WAS an older folk!  The one pearl of wisdom that has persisted as my most oft repeated mantra has been “Do I have thirty years of experience?  Or one year of experience repeated thirty times?”    Hopefully the former.