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Connected Strength – Advance.

Exerbotics Strength Systems will help you:

Jump ahead of your competition
Reduce physical demand on you and your staff
Establish new insights for your clients through technology


Do You Want to Deliver Better Results to Your Clients?


Are you behind the curve?

Personal tracking devices are becoming more advanced.  Is your facility able to exceed or build on the data that clients get through their phone?

We can help

We were frustrated by the lack of products that could safely and accurately deliver eccentric strength training and statistical tracking.

Expertise in Innovation

Our management team has been working for nearly 10 years developing, using, and refining our products. Athletes to grandparents have thrived on our efforts.


By utilizing Iso-Velocity Technology, testing, exercise, and rehabilitation are administered and recorded in a computer controlled environment, eliminating external elements such as technique, inertia, speed and range of motion; all of which can skew results.

Capability based exercise is the single most effective way to elicit a positive response from muscle, tendon, bone and the central nervous system.  Include eccentric training and the user’s response is off the charts!

The Exerbotics Difference

Experiencing these products is very important.  You will quickly see a new world for your business, your services, and your customers.  We will guide you through set-up and training.  We will then install our Intelligence Platform for complete data security and lifetime service, support, and maintenance of the technology so you can do what you do best.


Exerbotics Machines


Nucleus Abdominal / Back (eAB)

I2185 eAB 02 Excerbotics SMALL

Crossfire Contralateral Hamstring (eXF)

eXF Exerbotics Small

Chest Press / Row (eCR)


Shoulder Press / Pulldown (eSP)


Leg Press (eLP)


Squat (eSQ)


Higher Client Retention

Your staff will be armed with detailed information about their clients to encourage and reinforce your value to their well-being!

Proprietary Technology

Your clients will look to you as the expert.  Eccentric training, statistical analysis, a controlled environment.  A state of the art investment in your future with an always evolving software platform to keep your investment up to date.

Results Driven

Technology has taken us to an age where statistical outputs are not just a nice feature, they are EXPECTED and REQUIRED by the client. This is not about knowing “how much you bench”. This is about understanding your key biometric indicators and how your body is aging.

Unrivaled Assessment Tool

Exerbotics allows for evaluation, constant assessment, and performance tracking