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A revenue source with a significant return on your investment.

Great strategic moves are born from value innovation. Value innovation can come in many forms, but typically involves creating value from unique sources, different from competitors. Exerbotics provides value innovation for our customers.  Your company’s value innovation comes from converting what is typically a capital expense (purchasing equipment) to a revenue source with a significant return on your investment.


Your business has two types of expenditures: capital equipment purchases, which are simply an expense of doing business; and investments where you expect a return on your investment (ROI). In the past, when, no matter your end use, considering the purchase of new equipment, the hardware has been considered a capital expense.  The equipment wasn’t unique and did little if anything to strategically drive more revenue or add increased value to your clients. The most you can do with this equipment is to add it to your marketing collateral, in essence telling potential clients: “WE NOW HAVE THE SAME THING EVERYONE ELSE HAS!!! AREN’T YOU EXCITED?”

This is what your competitors are doing.  They make capital expenditures with no likelihood of creating additional value to their company.  That is not a strategic move.  Fortunately, Exerbotics provides an opportunity to break out of that model.  Exerbotics is an investment in your business that creates positive cash flow and tremendous value add to your existing and prospective clients.  We have changed the game at Exerbotics by offering more benefits and opportunity than ever before.  We are in a quantifiable era where economy, time and results are the measuring stick.

Whether your core business is fitness, medical or complimentary to these industries, the addition of Exerbotics equipment and programs allows you to expand your offerings to your core customers and charge for it.