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Know Your Strength Inside And Out


 The Exerbotics strength assessment test measures force or effort supplied by the user, significantly increasing safety during maximum efforts.  By utilizing our Iso-Velocity Technology which can measure multi-joint, compound movements, tests are administered and recorded in a computer controlled environment, eliminating external elements  such as technique, inertia, speed and range of motion; all of which can skew results. Exerbotics includes a precision load cell as part of it’s Iso-Velocity Technology to measure an individual’s force output throughout the range of motion.  The computer and load cell takes 514 measurements per direction to acurately document a person’s concentric and eccentric strength curve.  That is 1,028 data points for each repetition. Exerbotics fitness testing equipment offers the strength assessment and training advantages required in a multitude of applications including corporate wellness, athletics, rehabilitation, active aging and general fitness.

Information Gathered by our Iso-Velocity Software:

  • Exercise Performed
  • Range of Motion
  • Duration of Repetition
  • Duration of Set
  • Number of Repetitions
  • Number of Sets
  • Tempo of Repetitions
  • Total Effort
  • Average Effort
  • Peak Concentric Force
  • Average Concentric Force
  • Peak Eccentric Force
  • Average Eccentric Force