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Data Collection / Recorded Workout History

Data is the measuring stick of progress. Accurately assessing strength, monitoring progress over time and providing quantifiable improvement statistics has been an inexact science. No matter what your training philosophies or methods are, Exerbotics gives you accurate, quantifiable data on pure muscle force. Through routine assessments you can quantify what is effective in your training or rehabilitation program.

By creating a database of all your users, you have a resource to compare users based on circumstance, training methods, demographics or any other way you want to see the information.

  • Provide data to your insurance company to prove participation and results
  • Provide incremental feedback to your clients to encourage them and quantify your effectiveness and their progress
  • Provide macro data to your prospects to accurately demonstrate the gains they will make working with you
  • Analyze problem areas for rehabilitation or performance applications

Max-Leg Press


The information automatically recorded by your Exerbotics machines can be invaluable in demonstrating your commitment to results for your clients and examining where your programs are most effective or need modification.