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Maintenance Program

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Maintaining your Exerbotics equipment is the best way to protect your investment for the long term.  Fortunately, the products are relatively low maintenance.

There are two important maintenance areas for Exerbotics.  hardware and software.  Exerbotics will launch a database maintenance program in Q1 of 2014 with some great features and security for your system.

Exerbotics does not currently offer an on-site maintenance plan however, the following schedules can be used for proper maintenance.

Local fitness service technicians offer maintenance contracts and we will be happy to train and guide a local technician if you enter into an agreement with them.

Maintenance Schedule


  • Wipe down upholstery with a mild soap and water or comparable all purpose cleaner.


  • Visually inspect all hardware for loosening, tampering or wear.
  • Inspect all connecting links for wear.
  • Check condition of hand grips.
  • Clean the display console and all exterior surfaces regularly with mild soap and water or a mild household cleaner. Use only a soft cotton cloth. Apply cleaner to the cotton cloth before cleaning.  NEVER SPRAY ELECTRONICS DIRECTLY


  • Inspect hardware on all machines and tighten any bolts or nuts that may have loosened over the life of the product.
  • Vacuum clean electronics box and motor
  • Inspect all power cords and connections


  • Use polishing compound (such as car wax) to clean and remove shoe scuffs from powdercoated surfaces as necessary.


  • Turn off the monitor before cleaning
  • Touch screen surface may be cleaned using a soft clean cloth moistened with mild window glass commercial cleaners or 50/50 mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Use a soft cloth moistened with mild detergent to clean the display housing.
  • DO NOT touch the LCD display screen with sharp or hard objects
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, waxes or solvents for cleaning