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Exerbotics Technologies


Our continually evolving technology allows our equipment to be used to its fullest capacity.


By utilizing our Iso-Velocity Technology which measures multi-joint, compound movements, tests are administered and recorded in a computer controlled environment, eliminating external elements such as technique, inertia, speed and range of motion; all of which can skew results. Additionally, our technology allows for the capture of key data to be used for maximum results, ensuring the success of your research study.

Technologies In-Action

Exerbotics Provides Detailed Reports For:




Track as much data as you want through the proprietary Exerbotics software. This will give you quick access to trends and areas that need attention. Tracking a user’s body weight is the minimum statistic that should be recorded. This is not because weight is the most important statistic but, more importantly, will extrapolate to a key strength-to-body-weight ratio that is critical in determining frailty or appropriate muscle function for living.

An overview of every workout displays the target volumes (purple) vs. the achieve body of work (blue). This gives the clinician or trainer a quick look at periodization and performance. At the bottom of the page, specific statistics are available for performance overall and by individual exercise.


Max Test


Testing and evaluation is for much more than getting a “max”. Our reports allow you to compare an overall strength profile for a given exercise or, as displayed below, to compare multiple exercises. This example shows the relative strength profile and comparative force output of a chest press and row.


By Workout


You can go deep into a given workout session to see where the client is reaching peak performance and where they are failing. This ultimately provides insight into how to design their future training sessions so they get the most benefit.