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Fitness Assessment Equipment Overview

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Fitness Assessment Equipment


Exerbotics fitness assessment equipment offers the strength assessment and training advantages required in a multitude of applications including corporate wellness, athletics, rehabilitation, active aging and general fitness.

Exerbotics is a manufacturer of proprietary fitness assessment equipment that measures and records force output in a safe, controlled environment while collecting accurate and consistent data.  Our fitness assessment equipment can be remotely administrated from any computer inside your network.  Data is monitored and recorded for each individual user for future analysis, diagnosis, prescription and training.

For the first time, concentric and eccentric data is collected and presented as a blueprint specific to each individual, providing a platform to evaluate strength curves, true eccentric output, proper training intensity and benchmarking for rehabilitation, return to sport, general fitness or research.

The Exerbotics fitness assessment equipment measures force or effort supplied by the user, significantly increasing safety during maximum efforts.  By utilizing our Iso-Velocity Technology which can measure multi-joint, compound movements, tests are administered and recorded in a computer controlled environment, eliminating external elements  such as technique, inertia, speed and range of motion; all of which can skew results.


    The Exerbotics fitness assessment equipment represents a quantum leap in strength assessment and training.  One repetition is no longer one repetition.  We have taken volume based training and converted it to effort based achievement.

    Our fitness assessment equipment utilizes Iso-Velocity Technology to record a blueprint of every person’s individual concentric and eccentric strength curve.  Based on that information, a trainer, coach or clinician can accurately prescribe the effort level required to achieve astounding results.

    Exerbotics offers a safe, unbiased solution for prescribing and tracking activity in various applications including corporate wellness, athletics, rehabilitation, active aging and general fitness.

    Information Gathered by our Fitness Assessment Equipment

    • Exercise Performed
    • Range of Motion
    • Duration of Repetition
    • Duration of Set
    • Number of Repetitions
    • Number of Sets
    • Tempo of Repetitions
    • Total Effort
    • Average Effort
    • Peak Concentric Force
    • Average Concentric Force
    • Peak Eccentric Force
    • Average Eccentric Force

    Chest Press / Row (ecr)


    Squat (esq)


    Shoulder Press / Pulldown (esp)


    Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl (elec)


    Leg Press (elp)