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Equipment Applications


Equipment Application



When considering a purchase, think about the service you want to offer your customers and why they will choose you over the competition.

Your business has two types of expenditures:  capital equipment purchases, which are simply an expense of doing business; and investments where you expect a return on your investment (ROI).  In the past, when considering a health and wellness purchase, the hardware has been considered a capital expense.  The equipment is not unique and does little if anything to strategically drive more revenue or add increased value to your clients.  The most you can do with this equipment is to add it to your marketing collateral, in essence telling potential clients: “WE NOW HAVE THE SAME THING EVERYONE ELSE HAS!!!  AREN’T YOU EXCITED?”

This is what your competitors are doing.  They make capital expenditures with no likelihood of creating additional value to their company.  That is not a strategic move.  Fortunately, Exerbotics provides an opportunity to break out of that model.  Exerbotics is an investment in your business that creates positive cash flow and tremendous value add to your existing and prospective clients.  We have changed the game at Exerbotics by offering more benefits and opportunity than ever before.  We are in a quantifiable era where economy, time and results are the measuring stick.

When it comes to fitness and wellness, there is significant value in accurately assessing your clients, maintaining their historical data and using technology to accurately prescribe a workout unlike anything they can experience in your market.

Be strategic with your investments.  Whether you are operating in a small personal training studio, corporate fitness or a large health club, Exerbotics adds a new dimension to the customized services you can provide.   

Chest Press / Row (eCR)


Squat Machine (eSQ)


Leg Press Machine (eLP)


Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl Machine (eLEC)


Shoulder Press / Pulldown (eSP)



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